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Gateway Bleach
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General Bleach discussion!

Welcome to Senkaimon


  • General discussion on new releases: First and foremost, since there are so few places for good ol' discussion that don't tend to focus on one aspect, this is the place to discuss ALL the aspects!
  • Character analysis: Because sometimes, you have a thought and don't feel like starting a new comm or join up with another to post that.
  • (Respectful!) Relationship discussion: Key word being "respect". Yes, you are free to agree with the other side--in reason. No attacks! Why attack when you can use canon, amirite?
  • Beta Requesting: "Wait, where the @#$% did that come from?" you ask. Well' it's pretty difficult to find a good beta if you're new to this fandom, so here we are!
  • Fanfic/Fanart: Pretty self explanatory.


Over 90% of all stupidity online can be avoided if more people took the time to think about what they are doing, and considering whether they'd like it if someone did it to them. I assume we've all grown up to know this.

  • No flaming or trolling. Extreme trolling including but is not limited to personal threats, posting personal and/or F-locked information, and dragging drama from other comms. Debate is fine and encouraged here, but there is little reason to resort to name calling and personal digs or sweeping generalizations regarding certain hot button issues. Speaking of which...
  • We are officially a ship-neutral place. That means, you are all welcomed to post your thoughts on yaoi, yuri, het, and any and all combinations in between in a polite and friendly manner. That same freedom you enjoy? It extends to everyone. You are free to argue, but do that by citing examples, not airing dirty laundry, name calling, character bashing, or ship bashing.
    Long story short, you don't have to like everyone's opinion, but you must respect it. Please do not ask the mods to ban someone for disagreeing with you, and please do not contribute to wank in progress.
  • Any and all fanfiction or fan art must be behind an LJ cut. Fanfiction must be labeled with a proper rating, a title, and ship/character information, and a summary.
  • We are also welcoming to any beta requests. There seem to be no comms for this and with such a large fandom, it seems like we need a place for that.
  • Spoilers and unusually long posts go under a cut. If you need help, ask one of the mods, and we'll be happy to help you before posting.

  • Keep in mind this may be amended as the moderation sees fit.
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